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Most people have no idea how to create a million dollars. Inside this guide you'll learn how to make your first million dollars.

A millionaire has over 7+ Income streams. We cover everything about it.

But most Importantly, you'll learn how to create 15+ Income streams that will keep you safe during this financial crisis.

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There is no one on the Internet who has ever created a resource to help you make a million dollars.

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If I show you the way, will you accept it or will you reject it? Most people think they're too smart to make money, but their lives are a complete reflection of their knowledge.

If you're struggling to make money, we can show you how to make money in today's economy.

This Epic Planner + Guide was created for the Beginner, Intermediate & advanced player in mind. It's about 30 pages, where you'll be learning how to create over 15+ Income streams just from your earned income source.

A Millionaire makes his/her income from over 7+ Income streams. Learn everything about how to create it and we'll help you plan it all so that you can go out there and create it for yourself.

Travel Anytime

Once you learn how to make money you can start to travel the world and live your dream life. You can date anyone, live life on your own terms and make your own rules.

Make More Money

One of the things you should know about making money is that you'll be able to make more money as you start earning more money. From here onwards, your income and influence starts to expand.

Freedom Lifestyle

One of the cool things about earning 6 Figures or 7 Figures is that you can get to live a cool lifestyle - A freedom lifestyle. This allows you to make your own choices daily. Opportunities come to you left, right and center.

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About The Creator

The creator of this millionaire planner + guide booklet is Jehoyakim Jena.

The goal is to help everyday normal people + hustlers make their first million dollars.

We show you how to make money, build businesses, change your lifestyle where you can travel the world, date whoever you want, live life on your own terms that creates ultimate happiness.